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    Vicious Baby Cadillac motor?

    The problem is the little GM turbo motors never really seemed to take off. These motors, or versions of them, have been around for quite a while. There has never really been a big aftermarket. The Solstice and Skye were probably the best chance for this to hit the masses. The ATS won't be...
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    Vicious Baby Cadillac motor?

    It's a little B-W but I can't remember the specs. The 4G63 would be competition, much like Nissan's SR20. The GM Drift guys were just about the only ones to rod the hell out of the older LNF version. They were running 700HP. The Euro crowd had these engine for a while in Opels and Saabs and...
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    Check engine light after stereo install

    The big box auto parts stores will scan for free, usually. Post the code(s).
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    Vicious Baby Cadillac motor?

    It's the latest generation of the motor from the Solstice GXP, Saturn Skye Redline, HHR SS, and Cobalt SS. Same 86mm square. The torque curve is impressive. I had an '08 HHR SS with the BSN/Hahn tune. Beast.
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    05 LLY into 99 RCSB 1500

    I get the same reaction when people hear Chum. The toy is not quiet at all but from a distance people don't notice the huge exhaust or 8 lugs.
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    05 LLY into 99 RCSB 1500

    No badges. Let people scratch their heads.
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    I'm not buying that pos couch.....

    I spit on my keyboard. Where was the camera on this one?
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    05 LLY into 99 RCSB 1500

    I just read through this thread. Wow! Great work! This made me want to gut my toy now that it runs and drives.
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    Chum Again

    Thanks. I'm playing catch-up.
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    Chum Again

    Well, I've been back for quite a while. I moved to Maryland. Chum ended up getting a TH400 last year. It's pretty much window dressing for the shop in Oklahoma. It's hauls but we've never really got on the little 400.
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    cummins in a ranger

    Getting the Allison to work at all may be a problem. If you get screwed by Destroked like I did, just plan on getting the run around for a year. Go with a manual and save yourself the hassle of even dealing with Scott. You will be cutting into the firewall or going non-intercooled unless...
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    My new toy

    Gorgeous. She looks to have been extremely well-maintained. I'm glad you got to keep her in the family.
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    Sad News for Corvette...

    So, I've been looking for the Opel V-8 that will go in it. No such luck. Considering the invenstment in the plant this new motor may be in-house.
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    Happy Birthday Kat!!

    Happy Birthday!!
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    What do you lose with an after market stereo on a 2009 LMM?

    Yeah! I have to have a good stereo. I drive a lot and I like my music to sound the way it should.