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Owner BackNBlackTJ
Duramax 2004 Chevrolet 3500HD Dually Silverado LT
Engine Type LB7
Vehicle Class Pickup truck
Color Pewter
Updated 01-01-1970 12:00 AM
Mileage 275,000 Miles
Price $38,000.00 USD
Purchase Date 03-24-2005
Engine Size
Fuel TypeDiesel
Transmission StyleAuto
Transmission TypeAllison
Power AdderSingle Turbo
Power Adder SizeStock
Race Weight (with Driver)
Tire Size235/85/16
Tire typeStreet Tire
Total Modifications 1
Total Spent $200.00 USD
Total Views 658

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Blew up the first motor, put in a salvage... been driving the piss out of it since. Truck has ARP studs, injectors, EfiLive, and straight piped 4" exhaust

ToDo List
put in a FASS, go to a bigger tune... Drive the piss out of it somemore!

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