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05-28-2016, 12:05 PM
So i have about 2k to spend. My truck is a bone stock 16 LML with 7k miles. I have an extended warranty through my insurance so after 36k i can take my truck anywhere for repair. That being said, should i use the 2k to upgrade rims and tires? Im thinking a black/chrome wheel with a nice aggressive all terrain tire, i dont want to level or lift since i tow a horse trailer. Also should i stick with 20s or drop to 18s? My second option is a loft pump, efi tuner and cai for 2400. Im concerned the tuner lift pump and cai can be a problem with factory warranty. I am still undecided on a delete, of i do a delete probably wont be until 100k if at all. So i guess wheels/tires or tune/lift pump/cai, and will that void warranty? Thanks all!

05-29-2016, 04:25 AM
I'd buy a lift. I tow a heavy 36' gooseneck hauling another 3500hd dually. I have a 5" zone lift turned down. Currently running a set of nitto terra graplers in a 295/70r17 and I have no problems at all. It's a head turner going down the road.. my cv angles are beautiful you'd never know it's lifted the way it handles.

05-29-2016, 04:29 AM
Here's a picture from the other day.

05-29-2016, 04:53 AM
Last I remember the intakes on 06+ trucks are very good and there's a mod they cut the box to add airflow but I don't think you need to upgrade it until you go bigger turbo. If I had 2k to drop on a stock truck it would be EFI live and rims/tires.

05-29-2016, 06:50 AM
I wish i could do a lift but i haul a horse trailer sith horses. A loft would cause the horse trailer to be unlevel and they would stand uneven. So a lof it out level is a possibility. I ourchased some wheels, going to do an efi live tuner as well. I giess if the consensus is a cai in unneeded, then im done until the play fund gets reboosted then ill be looking at either a deletw or somwthing else.

05-29-2016, 08:41 AM
I'd do a lift pump also with efi live.

05-29-2016, 08:43 AM
Definitely a lift pump to keep the cp4 happy. And efi and Trans tuning. And some nice wheels. Drive and enjoy.

When your warranty runs out do a cp3 conversion. Although if you have any major issues they will probably try their best to not cover it.

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05-29-2016, 08:49 AM
Just throwing this out here because I did it with a few of my extended warranties. They seem to be unless and anything you do the dealer will try and say it's your fault and not cover it under warranty so what I've done is take and talk to the extended warranty people and cancel it depends on how far you are into it they usually will pro rate it and send you a check with the difference and that would help the "play funds".

Also idk if it's different than it was a few years back but when I had a gasser and all the other cool kids had them we would put superchips and Diablo tuners on our truck that instantly voided any warranty we had so they said. Just food for thought :thumb:

05-29-2016, 10:04 AM
Lift pump is a good idea. Maybe an EFI Autocal with tuning from a good LML tuner if you want, but make sure their tunes are compatible with your stock trans.
CAI is not needed.

Wheels and tires are also up to you.

05-29-2016, 12:09 PM
Hmm i bought the rins, hoping my stock tirea will fit for now, they are assault 20x9 8-180 18mm 130.8mm. my hope is to put these on with factory tires and save on tires for now. Calling tuesday for efi live, guess i could put the lift pump on instead of cai. Seems cai may not be a big benefit. May void warranty, im at 7k miles but mybextended warranty is with geico so can go to any shop, figured shop doing efi live and lift pump would be ok.

05-29-2016, 12:28 PM
As soon as you tune it your warrenty is gone unless you strike a deal with the shop

05-29-2016, 06:10 PM
Extended warranties are scams. Your better off keeping the money for any possible future repairs, they always weasle out on the expensive repairs.

05-29-2016, 09:02 PM
Definitely ^^ no way you'll spend that much in repairs unless you're hard on it or have bad luck

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05-29-2016, 10:07 PM
Thanks for the info, ill cancel it. I think ill hold off on tuner until 36k. Then ill tune, do lift pump and possibly better turbo. till in the air on delete, i want to but with the way things are getting, im a bit nervouse about being pulled over and tested or who knows. Guess i have time to think. I hit 7800 today.

05-30-2016, 07:12 AM
Lift pump shouldnt void warranty and as said before, that CP4 needs all the help it can get.

05-30-2016, 08:48 AM
If you delete it you'll need to get efi to delete it from programming so maybe your best option if you don't want to void the warranty is to just throw a lift pump on and some cosmetics

05-30-2016, 12:23 PM
So would it be better to do the cp3 conversion and not worry about a lift pump? I hear cp4 can still grenade with a lift pump? At 36k im tuning and maybe delete. Could possibly do a cp3 at the same time or before. Then again a cp3 and tune may be fine as well.

05-30-2016, 01:23 PM
So would it be better to do the cp3 conversion and not worry about a lift pump? I hear cp4 can still grenade with a lift pump? At 36k im tuning and maybe delete. Could possibly do a cp3 at the same time or before. Then again a cp3 and tune may be fine as well.

Don't believe all the cp3 hype, just add a lift pump and a few cosmetic upgrades and go enjoy it. When you do decide to tune it, do full deletes and don't worry about the cp4...

05-30-2016, 03:03 PM
Thanks all. I bought a set of assault 20 x9 +18 going to run stock tires for now. That leaves enough for lift pump. Same mechanic will put tires rims and pump on. At 36k ill tune and see what else i feel like.

05-30-2016, 03:10 PM
These are rims i ordered.

05-30-2016, 03:55 PM
Doesn't the CP4 have an inherent design flaw that no lift pump removing any additional dirt or otherwise would preclude it from failing.?

05-31-2016, 08:44 AM
Ok just to follow back up, I ordered Mayhem Assault 20X9 +18mm rims (using stock 265/60 r 20 tires for now, I hate waste) I ordered a FASS 95 lift pump, however i can trade to the 150 and a sump if it is too loud once installed, won't know until it is on, also a S&B cold air intake I know its negligible for results, but hell a little response is better IMO. Once i reach 36k i will at a minimum get and EFI Live, still weighing pros and cons of delete. I tow horses so I'm nervous about other states when im hauling. I am at 7500 miles, the wait for the tuner sucks

06-17-2016, 07:44 AM
The first run of CP4s are hit and miss... Swap out the factory intake, unless you change your air filter often... The plastic webbing that holds the filter flat can let go and get sucked into the turbo. I don't know if that's a tuned truck only issue, though.

My intake had a few cracked pieces in the webbing, so I got lucky, lol. But I was running a dirty filter with a tune.

06-17-2016, 08:44 AM
The FASS 95 is a very quiet pump and more than enough for what you're doing with your truck.

06-17-2016, 10:00 AM
Yep went with FASS 95, sump, s&b cai and mayhem assault 20x9.goes in tomorrow, ill get updated pics

04-27-2017, 08:56 PM
if you tune truck at 36,000 miles you will void the factory 5yr100,000 warranty.