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06-30-2015, 04:00 AM
Figured I'd let you guys know what my 2015 GMC LML just went through in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

Here was my symptoms:

- Note: all of these issues pop up at the same time, and it happens at random. They pop up when I'm driving, when I turn the truck on, right after I start the truck, etc. Also, I've had the tune for 2 1/2 months with zero issues. These problems just started last week.
- I have checked all of my battery cables and they are all tight. I've also tried to turn off traction control immediately after turning the truck on and it doesn't help.
- Service stabilitrak message. Car with tire mark light right beside fasten seatbelt light turns on.
- gear selector all white, no gear indicated in red. If I'm in park or drive, it doesn't show it in the cluster.
- no reverse
- trans fluid temp displays "-- deg F"
- park assist off message, blinks when you try to turn it back on
- lunges forward when you put it in drive
- transmission feels like a cvt trans. No gear shifts. Idles high from dead stop and stays high throughout all speeds.
- rpm limited to 2000 until about 30 mph.
- flashing a new tune in it corrects all issues temporarily. It can correct it for half an hour, or the remainder of my trip and into the next trip. It doesn't matter what tune I'm running or what tune I flash it to, I still have the same issues and it always temporarily corrects itself with a new tune flashed in.

Took it to the dealer and the scanned it. They said the TCM was not communicating. Luckily, they replaced it with a new TCM and covered it under warranty. Snuck by with that one. I've driven it for a few days now with no issues so the issue seems to be resolved.

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