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10-14-2014, 01:40 PM
Truck has an knocking/tapping noise randomly after putting a head on from repairing a broken glow plug valve lash is set the tapping comes after the truck has been running a few minutes and starts to get warm im at a lost wondering if a body has had this before truck is a 11' with 79000 ml bone stock

10-14-2014, 02:46 PM
Can you figure out what side it's on?
Then isolate if it's front or back?

Not that either of those things matter for what I'm gonna suggest here...
If you torqued the injector hold downs to the recommended spec of 22ft lbs, you might have pushed an injector...

I just had this problem after my engine install, freaked me the hell out too!

Once I realized what was goin on, I just tightened the hold down bolts with the truck running and they sealed and the noises disappeared! I found it really quick tho, if yours has more than a few miles since the repairs you might have to pull the injectors and replace the copper crush washers and o-rings.

I was able to reach all the bolts through the wheel wells, it's a 12mm

10-14-2014, 04:01 PM
Thanks I'll try that

10-14-2014, 05:48 PM
You use new copper washers?