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08-03-2011, 11:04 AM
Any one fixed these codes (common fix)? Going to work on this tomorrow, looking for ideas to start with.


P0571 "Cruise Control Brake Switch 1 Circuit"

B2625 "Display Dimming Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Output Circuit"

I'm sure the P0571 code is related to this. I have the rear break lights on constantly (the pedal is all the way up). Cruise works only once after start up. If I use the breaks to pause the curse, it will not come back on at all till I shut it off then start again (obvious PCM reset after power down). Are the pedal switches robust, or common fail?

As for the B2625, I figure I'll check this out too. All the dash lights and gages work. Please don't tell me the cluster is going out.

Also got another problem that EFILive did not detect. The right turn signal will not flash. When I turn them on, they just stay on constantly. The left signal and hazards works fine. Were is the relay, or is it controlled by the BCM?

I don't have a trailer break controller and back plug looks fine, on damage.