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11-24-2010, 01:46 AM Twin CP3 Kit, 2001
$2,967.56 shipped in the Continental US
Part# 701-900-4248
The ATS Twin CP3 System for the 2001 Duramax doubles the fueling capability of the stock fuel system, which is essential when running large aggressive tunes and bigger injectors. The system is not only designed to work in conjunction with the factory CP3, but it also maximizes the system. Utilizing a ported rail fitting, larger diameter high pressure fuel lines, and a true twin system, the ATS kit allows for huge amounts of power and reliability.

When it comes to optimizing a Common Rail Injection System, rail pressure gets talked about a lot. Pressure is in fact extremely important, however, it is not the only important aspect. Equally, fuel volume is the actual additional amount of fuel you are able to add in to the cylinders during injection. This is going to have a massive impact on your final ability to create power. Ultimately, your truck needs fuel pressure to properly atomize the added fuel volume that you introduce. Not all modified CP3 kits or dual CP3 kits have this capability like the ATS Twin CP3 System does.

Additionally, the billet aluminum wheel is sized proportionally to the factory CP3, allowing better equalization of the rails. Generally, this will not matter so much as the regulators will control the amount of fuel regardless, however, it is attention to detail such as this that sets the ATS kit apart from the others.

Twin CP3 System Features and Benefits:
Increases fuel volume

Maintains stock fuel pressure

Increases performance

Increases reliability

Everything's included for easy installation

We also include a new alternator mounting bracket & tensioner pulley specifically for the 2001 GM system so you can truly bolt this kit on where other kits make you waste your time trying to chase down these parts from the dealerships.

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