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k j
08-27-2009, 10:19 AM
just as the title states... im contemplating parting out my car- offing my two others- and getting an lly powered something or other- how far is 7k$ going to get me in one of these....


trans of course... but what else to buy with that budget- and how much should i be prepared to dump on a trans...

08-27-2009, 10:38 AM
5k will get you into the 12's pretty easilly and reliably with any duramax. And you'll have some $$ left over for nice wheels/tires, and other cosmetic stuff....

OR...I would take that extra 2 grand and put it towards a newer LBZ. LBZ's are a little easier to make fast. LLY's can do high 12's with the "basic" mods. With those same "basic" mods, an LBZ can do mid 12's...

when I say "basic" mods, I mean:

lift pump
front end braces/tierod sleeves

the trans cost will vary depending where you have it built etc... The kit alone (parts) is around 2800 for the most bulletproof setup that suncoast makes. The rest of the cost is determined by how much labor your trans shop charges etc... I built mine myself, so thats roughly what I have in mine and my built trans has 100,000 miles on it of pretty good power and besides getting the converter refreshed, its never had any problems.