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  1. Please help me in welcoming BT DieselWorks, LLC.
  2. SmarTurn one-touch turn signal...NOW AVAILABLE!!!!
  3. converter UNLOCK switches!!!
  4. New DSP-5 switch panel...
  5. OK Im back
  6. Ben whats your #
  7. Hey Ben!
  8. Ben ben ben
  9. Allison lockup/unlock controller!!!! (NOW SHIPPING!)
  10. Duramax Stand Alone Harness
  11. NEW PRODUCT: foot-actuated headlight dimmer!
  12. Special Thanks to Ben- 1st Place 2010 Berlin Truck Pulls
  13. NEW PRODUCT! Customize your steering wheel controls!!!
  14. Just wanted to say Thank You
  15. need a good shop in ct area
  16. Attention ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Do you want MONEY???
  18. BT DieselWorks 2001-2005 Allison tap-shift kit
  19. BT DieselWorks Allison Lockup/Unlock Controller 2.0 - NEW FEATURES!
  20. price
  21. Attention Ben!!!!!!
  22. Hey Ben Can you make this happen?
  23. Need help
  24. NEW PRODUCT: LB7 automatic high-idle add-on
  25. NEW PRODUCT: "LightSaver" protect your HID's, cold-weather auto heated seats!!
  26. Trying to buy a 6 speed lock up box!!!!!!!
  27. ATTENTION: NEW PRODUCT ordering info for BT DieselWorks modules
  28. BT DieselWorks LB7 auto high idle
  29. E-fan controller for the duramax
  30. Need install instructions for high idle module
  31. NEW BT DieselWorks 2nd gen Allison tap-shift kit
  32. BT DieselWorks Allison Lockup/Unlock Controller NEW UPDATES
  33. lbz 6 spd lockup controller install
  34. Installed High Idle
  35. Got a question Ben
  36. Hey Ben
  37. BT DieselWorks lockup controller installation instructions UPDATED
  38. Attention Ben... Instructions needed
  39. lock up box installed...awesome.
  40. To everyone who has current open orders with me
  41. Lockup controllers temporarilly out of stock
  42. install help on lock up box / tap shifter
  43. Lockup controllers are now BACK IN STOCK!!!
  44. Help for lock up controller for someone at a race
  45. 2004.5 Tap Shifter
  46. New revision lockup box?
  47. "Whats inside".....Allison 4th gen TCM
  49. overdrive lock out?
  50. Lockup controler ??
  51. Sup Ben
  52. Still making the auto high idle?
  53. Yes I will take your money and not call you back if something is wrong!
  54. Power window gizmo
  55. Notice: I will be away until the monday after thanksgivng!
  56. lockup box problems
  57. LMM High Idle
  58. 90%TPS on lock up controller
  59. BT lock box ?
  60. Email delivery failure?
  61. BT DieselWorks 20% off everything holiday sale!!!
  62. Merry Christmas from BT DieselWorks, the sale continues!
  63. New Years Resolutions @ BT DieselWorks...a must read.
  64. ETA on the....
  65. "like" BT DieselWorks on Facebook and extend holiday 20% sale!
  66. I NEED EVERYONE'S INPUT! Increasing stock on GM pins/connectors!!
  67. can't get 5sp lockup controller to work
  68. BT DieselWorks 20% off sale continues through January!!!
  69. Lots of misc. electrical connectors now added to BT DieselWorks online store!!!
  70. Tapshifter
  71. NEW BT DieselWorks product!!! Digital DSP-5 switch!
  72. LAST CHANCE FOR THE BT DieselWorks 20% OFF SALE!
  73. New BTDW T-shirt!
  74. BRAND NEW PRODUCT! BT DieselWorks surface-mount DSP-5 switch!
  75. Tap-Shifter Help!
  76. Hey Ben!
  77. Lbz lock up box
  78. BT DIESELWORKS SUMMER SALE!!! All electronics 15% off!!!
  79. Hittin' the road for the week!
  80. Ben will be away for the weekend!
  81. Lock up box issue
  82. Bens address
  83. lmm lockup box help
  84. Lock box issue
  85. Thanks Ben
  86. Lml foot light switch
  87. BT Dieselworks
  88. BT DIESEL WORKS "PRE-SCHEIDS SALE" 20% off everything!
  89. Thanks Ben!
  90. Stabilitrac module
  91. 07 LBZ install
  92. Ben
  93. Lock up not until 50mph with the BT box
  94. LLY/LBZ/LMM ECM replacement pin retainer clips!!!
  95. BT DieselWorks black friday sale! 25% OFF all electronics!
  96. Ben......will this work
  97. the best way
  98. LAST CHANCE!!! BT DieselWorks 25% off sale!
  99. End of year
  100. Updated lockup control-LB7
  101. PM's don't seem to work
  102. Help: Light Saver module installation...
  103. NEW PRODUCT: GMT-900 cargo light control!!
  104. anyone have a smarturn module from BT Dieselworks
  105. Ben, need some connector/pin/wiring advice
  106. lightsaver with heated seat option and tapshifter harness
  107. BT diesel lockup controller problem in 4-low
  108. Auto lock will not unlock even after hitting brakes.
  109. BT box won't lock
  110. p0504 code after install
  111. Pulled wires loose
  112. Black or unpainted.
  113. Btdieselworks odlo install
  114. Lockup box interchangability
  115. What Fuses To Tap for DSP5 Gauge Switch
  116. Trying to get in contact with ben
  117. 3rd gen digital DSP-5 switches out! New features!
  118. BT DieselWorks black friday SALE!!! 25% OFF!
  119. Black Friday DSP-5 switches, $99!
  120. Wiring harness for oil pressure and level
  121. early-style alternator adapter harness for LMM's
  122. NEW Allison speed sensor connector repair kit!
  123. Happy Birthday, Ben
  124. PassKey 3+ anti-theft retrofit
  125. duramax/4l80e
  126. Attention ben
  127. Be sure to follow BT DieselWorks on Instagram!
  128. Bluetooth/smart phone DSP-5 switch!
  129. Question on BT Lockup Box installation for 5 speed
  130. Bluetooth DSP-5 switch IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!
  131. Ben, I need your return address....
  132. Lml line pressure controller question
  133. LBZ Ecm in a LLY truck
  134. ATTENTION Bluetooth DSP-5 users!!!
  135. Bluetooth DSP-5 iOS 9 update!
  136. Attention Ben: Need help
  137. Lbz swap harness info for fellow members.
  138. Hey Ben you out there?
  139. 2wd to 4wd harness
  140. Lock up box and tps error
  141. Looking for Ben
  142. 2015.5+ T87 Line pressure box
  143. Harness
  144. Near Farmville va
  145. Lml dsp5?????
  146. Gmt 900 cargo light
  147. 2007-2014 GM Truck/SUV BCM custom tuning!!!
  148. Needing to talk to Ben
  149. asking for information ?
  150. Ordered an autosync today
  151. LBZ Connector