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Default LMM DPF Delete Problems

A person I know has a DPF delete on his truck with the newest OS (xxxx94) update. Since the update he has had a MASS AIR FLOW CODE (P0101) First off, is this normal? Second off, it keeps wanting to go into "reduced power mode" (per the dic???) . During this time it smoke terribly bad even though it doesn't actually lack power according to him. It only does it occasionally, and usually and ignition cycle with a door cycle will turn it off. Anyone have any idea's what is going on? It currently has the P0101 changed to "not reported no Mil" and it isn't actually lighting up the SES light. So the P0101 is now gone, but the same "reduced power" thing staye

Just trying to figure out what is going on. It seems to happen on big long hills with large loads. Otherwise it won't set the code. No fueling has been added and only very slight timing changes. Stock tire size, stock intake, stock exhaust etc etc. CCLB Dually with a fuel transfer tank/system on the fly.
Currently driving a 2007.5 RCLB 4x4 LMM W/T White. Basic Mods Stock Turbo Transgo Trans & Mike L trans.

A hole in LMM piston #1 At the moment and 7 was cracked. Awaiting rebuild.

12.67 and I have to find the slip again.

Furthest Pull this year was 359.XX and limited by concrete blocks.
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