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Default C notch and or air bags

I have been doing a lot of research and coming up with a lot of conflicting information.

1st - Is there a GOOD C notch bolt in kit out there for our trucks? I called DJM and others and they insist they have a great kit, but when I search on the forums people say that they do not fit? Granted these posts were from 2011 so things could have changed.

2nd - Are there any good air bag kits out there that I can use, either with a C notch OR just with the lowered truck? I found a few kits but nothing really for a 2500 that is bolt in.

My truck is dropped approximately 6" in the rear with 2 leafs and the overload remaining. Needless to say it bottoms out depending on the road. Also, I would like to be able to tow a bit which is why I am looking at the air bags to help out the springs. I like the way it rides now, I am just looking for some options to reduce the bottoming out and increase the load capacity a bit. I am not hauling 2000lbs in the bed or a 5th wheel.

Thank you,

2008 LMM 4x4 SB CC -A few boltons
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