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Default TCM reflash

I recently had a communication issue with my TCM, I had an 03 TCM and it works fine except the D doesn't light up when I go to into drive. Can I reflash it with EFI just do a full reflash to an 02 TCM OS?
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Are you sure it's not the cluster.My neighbors truck kept looking 1 after another until he had 1 or 2 left

Got the cluster rebuilt and all is good now
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You come off as a Timeshare Condo salesman on this site.

If you were helping folk with problems, or asking for input on your problems, it might be different, but from where I see, you are only a little different than the Russian spammers selling iPads that we delete.

Act like more of a human, and less like a spambot, and you'd probably catch less heat. This is "family", and it's our corner bar, and a group of guys with grease all over them leaning over fenders of somebodies truck that ain't making the right boost.

It's also one of few sites with more hardcore wrenches and racers than wannabees.

You're welcome to be a member here, and post about your build, but don't expect people to shower you with roses yet. That comes with seat time on the site, and on the track.
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To answer your question yes you can full flash in any 5 spd os
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Yes yo ucan full flash it as I have an 05 TCM in my 01 running an 01 OS. Chances are though your cluster is the problem not the TCM OS. Many here have run the 01 TCM in 05 trucks with no gear display issues.
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If its the cluster try Gauge Pegged if you don't want to rebuild it yourself. They are fast curtious and cheap to boot..?
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