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Default LB7 Tool No Mechanic Can Live Without

If you have owned and LB7 and do your own work, you have seen this picture before. One of my biggest LB7 fears is fuel in the crankcase. Everytime I have pulled injectors and return lines, I worry about leaks from the banjo seals. Either that, or I have seen trucks that had slow fuel dilution over time, and I wanted to figure out whether it was a leaking return or cracked injector body. I stumbled across a gm spec for the LB7 fuel return system. GM says that the fuel return system under the valve cover should 15inHG of vacuum, so I came up with this rig

It consists of a Mighty Vac hand held vacuum/pressure gauge and the clear tube it comes with, the end of an old lb7 fuel return line, fuel return line bolt and banjo washer.

Install the fitting on the fuel return outlet of the cylinder head. The passenger side port is on the inside front of the head. The drivers side port is on the inside back of the head.

Passenger side

Drivers side

Once you have finished you fuel system repair, you can check the return line system by pulling 15inHG vacuum and watching for 30 seconds. If one didn't seal off, it will show its ugly face. There is no more putting the whole motor back together and crossing your fingers that everything sealed up.

If you have one that does not seal up, you can pressurize the return system to no more than 15psi. Squirt some oil around each return bolt banjo seal, and you will see the air bubbles coming front the leaking seal.

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very nice

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Cool! Great idea, thanks Travis! Every time I do an LB7 injector job, Im always paranoid that im going to spend hours getting it all back together, only to find that I have a leaking return line. Knock on wood Ive never had a problem, but I think Ill be making one of these setups ASAP.

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That's awesome Travis!
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Nice Travis. Good job! I prefer to not worry about it, though I can see how it might worry you LB7 guys
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Great idea, I know I will be making one up.
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Way to go Travis! Nice work!
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Thats sweet!!! Im sure as hell gunna make one. Thanks travis!
Originally Posted by JoshH View Post
Mike L is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up.

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That's better
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Great post! We did this last year on Abby trying to rule shit out and it does work great

We actually used a fitting I think it 10x 1.25 to connect the head to the pump....... It's been a while on the fitting though so don't take my word on it
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Holy cow that is ingenius!!! Wish this would have been here awhile ago before I put my valve covers back on lol

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Nice !
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awesome , wish i wouldve saw this a little while ago, just finished a HG job, no leaks, but im always worried. Ive had one leak, and it ruins your day.

Making one tomorrow have to do a set on tuesday. A+ great idea. Thanks.
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