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Default best exhaust system for lb7

seeking opinions...
2001 ex cab 4x4 LB7
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I like the Banks.
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Tuned by Idaho Rob.
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"SARGE" 1966 Jeep/Kieser M35a2 duece, whistler multi fuel engine 6x6 pure beast mode
"Maxine" 2007 Silverado CCSB LT3, LBZ/alli, CTS, PYO's and 265 Hankooks, EFI, MBRP, PPE stuff, bilstien 5100,
"Rusty Bullet" 2007 Classic CCSB, 1 LT, Greystone 4X4, Cognito, EFI, tuned by McRat/Neens, DSP by Mike Meyer, PPE stuff, Autometer, Trippin, Airdog, MBRP, Bilstein, Hankook, TransGo Jr SOLD 437 hp 1051tq STOCK TRANS
"Tow Pig" 2003 LB7/Alli EC/LB 2x4 4" straight, cts, EFI, SOLD
"Squirel" 2000 Chevy Silvy 1500 RC/SB 5 speed 4.8 little screamer back to stock, had polished 243's ls6 intake cam and valve train
"Great White Hope" 2013 silverado 1500 z71 CCSB loaded Corsa Exhaust, gmpp intake, leveled, 5.3 HO
"White Power"-2012 GMC Sierra, White on tan leather, CCLB Dually, 4x4 LML Alli, All stock
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2004 LLY
Cheetah & MPI Twins
PPE Duel Fuelers

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MBRP are the easiest ones to install in my opinion and sound great too
06 LBZ
Sting Built Sled Puller,Race Truck, Daily Driver
EFI Live
2.6 Turbo
Fleece 60% Over Injectors
SunCoast Stage 4, 1056,
Carrillo Rods
Yukon Gears, Axles, Grizzley Locker, Eaton E-Locker
PPE Tie Rod Sleeves
Cognito Braces
Hamilton Cam Valve Springs
Mahle Pistons
PPE Duel CP3
Big Thanks To Jeff Dean (stingpuller)
and Henry Webb (ripmf666) www.creaturesofthenightperformance.com
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gonna be different and say silverline cuz i've had two of their systems and they have been great also like the corsa on the truck i have now. a little quieter than some
'14 CC/SB Denali 2500

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MBRP Straight pipe
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Originally Posted by farky View Post
gonna be different and say silverline cuz i've had two of their systems and they have been great also like the corsa on the truck i have now. a little quieter than some
Aren't you supposed to be working
02 Chevy loaded LT package
4x4 ccsb
Efi live
305/65/17 Procomp Extreme AT on dodge wheels lbz cp3 dsp5
Suncoast Gmax 5 and Precision Converter installed by me! Thanks George at Suncoast!
high idle, Stewart Warner guages, PPE boost increasing valve, full Cognito kit, various other mods, ported and polished turbo intake elbow
FASS 150, MBRP downpipe, Diamond Eye Exhaust.
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LBZ Stock Charger

2.5 puller in the Mecca!!

Manual Mafia

Originally Posted by BgBlDodge View Post
Al gore invented driving the turbo.
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I've got a DIAMOND EYE with a CORSA muffler, but I was VERY limited with my options. I really like the CORSA muffler though, very quiet inside but makes it's presence known on the outside. When I drive past a wall or something I will often roll down the passenger side windows and romp her a bit just to hear the growl echo back.
1995 GMC 2500 SUBURBAN powered by 01 DURAMAX/ALLISON, little of this, a little of that,
DIAMONDEYE 4" exhaust, CORSA muffler, AFE stage 1 dry filter, custom tuning by me, KENNEDY single pump and pump rub kit.

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I like whatever comes in a 5 inch. I think that is Silverline which is what all my friends have because it was cheaper.
Currently driving a 2007.5 RCLB 4x4 LMM W/T White. Basic Mods Stock Turbo Transgo Trans & Mike L trans.

A hole in LMM piston #1 At the moment and 7 was cracked. Awaiting rebuild.

12.67 and I have to find the slip again.

Furthest Pull this year was 359.XX and limited by concrete blocks.
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MBRP or Silverline.

Spend the extra money and get the T-304 Stainless system.

2016 Denali LML----> 2012 Denali LML SOLD

2007 GMC "Classic", LBZ, SLE1 ,RC/LB, 4x4
~Powered By "MOONSHINE"

12.525 at 107.07

2002-GMC Sierra 2500HD SLE/CC/SB/4X4~Powered By "MOONSHINE"
12.65 fuel only, 12.00 on some N20
Retired 04/18/2009...................SOLD 01/2014

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Magna Flow sounds really good and doesn't have that drone.
03 GMC 4x4 CC/SB Intake, Dual Exhaust, built motor by Me, Cognito Kryptonite Suspension upgrades, Custom Traction Bars by Me, Suncoast Trans, 1055-1 Convertor, Two AirDog II 200's, Billet Sump, Venom Tuning AKA Me, Custom Fabbed Fuel system, Flexlite Fans, Best Time to date 7.14 at 98.21 mph 1211.8HP 1954.5 FT/Lb torque
2013 LML Daily Driver, 5" FloPro Exhaust, Venom Tuning, Ad 165 4G Lift Pump, Upcoming HSP Billet Bridge And Piping, Upcoming CP3 Conversion
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I am running Flo Pro right now, but a MBRP will be going on the truck next.
2006 Chevrolet 2500HD 4x4 CC/SB LBZ Allison
PPE Hot+2 ET, S&B Cool Air Intake, MBRP 4", PCV Reroute, BD Manifold, SD Manifold, SCIV/PPE-Precision Converter/Pump Rub Fix/T-Case Brace/SoCal Diesel Flexplate By Ted @ MPL

2014 GMC 1500 4X4 RC/SB 5.3L

2008 GMC 1500 4x4 CC/SB 6.0L 4L70E - GONE
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