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Default Lbz oil and fuel leak

About a two months ago I noticed fuel dripping off the back of my motor, drivers side, and running down the bell housing. It was a real slow leak. Last week I noticed engine oil leaking out of the bell housing area. It looks like the flywheel is flipping it every where. Wondering what the problems are how hard it will be to fix it.
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The oil leak could be a rear seal. And the fuel could be leaking from a rail or the back of the cp3 and running down the valley and off the front of the bell housing.
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Well thats two of about two dozen things that can cause the leaks you describe, best thing to do is clean the engine top to bottom, clean and dry enough you would eat off it, Run the engine for awhile (do not drive it) get a good brite light and start looking, your gonna need to get intimate with your engine compartment and remove air cleaner intake pipe and resonator for better viewing. Your fuel leak should be first visible.......Good luck.
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check the top of each injector to see if the returns are leaking. one of mine was cracked.
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