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Default 05 duramax wont start?

Sorry if I'm not on the right thread here but I have a "no start" question? I have a 05 duramax 1ton dually with a PPE programmer, a couple days ago I went out and it started up no problem. About 8 hours later I try to start it and it just clicks and sounds like a dead batteries or the starter motor isn't turning over. I checked the batteries with a basic fluke meter and they say right at 13 volts, all the grounds look good, no burnt fuses. Disconnected the batteries and charged till the chargers said both were 100%, nothing. Talked to a few people and they said its a starter is probably bad so I replaced it, no luck same thing. It just clicks once or twice and then nothing. I looked at the DTC on the programmer and it has nothing. Just curious if anyone has ideas or if there is something else I can check before I haul it to the dealer.
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