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Default HELP!!!! Truck wont start on a hill

I am haveing a problem with my LBZ not starting on a hill. The truck first did it at my dads about a week ago in his driveway which is on level ground. This morning I hopped in the truck which was in my driveway at a pretty steep slope and the truck wouldnt start. I then went to start it earlier to back it up a few feet into my garage this time it started but died after about 15 -20 seconds. All 3 times I got the truck to start by opening the bleeder screw and pumping the primer 4 times then closing the bleeder screw and pumping the primer a couple more times then the truck would start right up but with a very slight rough idle. The truck seems to run fine driving down the road. I looked at the balance rates on the injectors but I am unsure what an acceptable number is. I have to go to laredo texas tomorrow and really need to fix this problem. oh yeah the nicktane and factory filters are new both appear tight and the main and spare tank are full. So please HELP with any suggestions.


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the first thing that comes to mind is something is leaking
im terrible with the lbz and think that i would need you assistance with tuning them
as far as parking on a hill well that has given grief to hundreds of people for years as you probaly already know

with the LLYs we have the cranking injection quantity and idle fuel
i dont know if these tables are in the lbz but they may help you

but i really dont see why you would have to alter these tables

do you have a pressure gauge to read what the lift pumps are putting out for presssure? Do you have lift pumps? possible that the nictane is resticting some flow untill the trucks starts?
i know that the 10 micron raycor does restict some flow if i dont have my lift pumps on
can you post or email me the the balance rates
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something is wrong with the fuel sender in the factory tank-ive seen where the suction line gets loose from the sender support and it will suck air-if the tank is completely full its usually not a problem-or when you are moving the fuel is being sloshed around
fill the factory tank and try it on a hill-and dont trust your factory guage it may be reading wrong too-
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