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Default First real kill in the LBZ

Just got out of work and happen to be driving around 110hp tune
Few miles in to my trip home rolling through the city back roads I pull up to the light and look over at this silver BMW with medium tinted windows and notice the drivers girl friend (not too shabby I might add!) I assume checking out the nice shiny man truck (my lbz)😉 Then he notices me looking at his girl or car wich ever he liked more 😂 I noticed him creeping on the light and said to myself
Finally get to shut someone down!! Both took off pretty even and I just pulled and walked away from him it was a epic ego killer for the Beamer guy once I thought he had enough I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed him throwing the middle finger 😂😂 poor guy.

Well hope someone gets a kick out of this
2006 ccsb silverado
Edge cts2
EFI live (Idaho rob)
4"magnaflow with dp
18x9.5 eagle alloys
Cooper stt pro 305/60/18
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Lmfao, sounds like a great moment .
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As vehicles get newer and faster, I am hesitant to try that with my LLY lol
234,000 miles
EFI Live DSP5 by Idaho Rob
Semi-Built trans
Precision torque converter
Kennedy Twin Lift Pump
PPE Shim Kit
LML Exhaust Manifold
ARP Head Studs w/grade C Gaskets
MagnaFlow 4 inch exhaust w/muffler
ProFab 3inch downpipe
ProFab EGR delete tube
Stock LBZ Intake w/MP

Thanks to John Kennedy, Idaho Rob, mtl_dmax, and Shane Phinney for their time, effort, and help.
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Lol love it hilarious!!

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I like to think im kinda quick but my ass would get walked...
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you never had your car.
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It's surprising the stuff I can walk with the daily on the 100 hp tune. Now that the race truck isn't street friendly.
04.5 single cab lly zf6 barely not stock.(the jalopy)
05 single cab lly zf6
Arp studs, welded water pump, 100 overs, dual fuelers, valair 1000 hp triple disc, danville efi live, fass 150, custom single s400 kit,
serious weight reduction
28x10x16 Hoosier slicks on pyos
Down on 2 leaves, t bolts gone.

10.91 at 129mph, 1.577 60 foot
dynoed 743 hp raceweight 5k with driver
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