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I've been running the twins now for a couple months. One dyno session is all I've been able to make time for. The truck made 550hp on the same pulse but noticed that rail pressure is dropping on the same pulse that it used to keep perfect rail with. May be filters getting restricted, my be cp4 not being happy. The spool up is a bit slower IMO but top end pulls harder than stock turbo once up on boost.

My son raced it at the local dirt drags and they had a sled pull so I entered it without any prep at all. Snap decision since I was there anyway. Just a local brush pull series with 20 other diesels. Most of the other trucks run the series so I thought I was just wasting my money. Ended up putting 70' on the second place truck. I really like this sled pulling stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIIfnre7cLY
Please email me with questions at rob@atptrucks.com

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That was awesome!
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Cool! How has it affected regen frequency and fuel economy? Or still too soon to tell?

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Awesome.. Drag it to the parking lot!!
07 crew long classic, stock minus some pretty parts

Thanks to everyone on this forum who has helped me and those whom I bought parts from.

Special thanks to Evan, James, Russell, Mark and all the others I'm forgetting.
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Any more updates Rob? I am beginning to see an LML in my future.......
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I hate to bring up an old thread, but has anyone heard any more updates or had success with Rob's emissions tunes? I just got an LML to replace my LB7 and will be going down to Mike L. again as soon as I pick a tune.
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Actually, its good you did. Id also like to hear back from Rob if he found out anything new and how things have gone over the longer period of time....
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I loved my LML tune from Rob. No smoke and plenty of power. Always passed smog.
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Tuned by Idaho Rob.
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Originally Posted by Mike L. View Post
I loved my LML tune from Rob. No smoke and plenty of power. Always passed smog.
I'll see you soon, we talked a week or two ago!
2015 LML GMC Denali 3500 SRW 4wd CCLB 80k Miles
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