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Default Quiet 4" exhaust

I'm looking for opinions on the Banks Monster exhaust. I just had my turbo reworked @ 104K along with installing my LBZ mouthpiece, Profab air cleaner kit, Profab egr delete pipe and downpipe. At present it looks like a good price on the Banks thru Camping World. I wear hearing aids so quiet is the order of the day as they just amplify sound! I'm still waiting to find out if this is turbo back or something else, but interested in other folks experience with the Banks system. If the system includes the front pipe I may order it and if it does not meet my needs for quiet I will purchase the FTE resonator to put in front of the muffler.

All comments would be appreciated.

TIA, Tom
2004 GMC LLY Crew cab, Profab downpipe, egr delete tube, LBZ mouthpiece and Profab intake kit.
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Ran one on a 6.0 ford back in the day. It was real quiet.

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I've had mine for a few months now. I got it for the same reason, it is quiet.
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I have had 2-4" systems, the first was a Banks on an 03, the second was a Diamond Eye on an 04 LB7, both were downpipe back. I'm not sure how that would work with emissions deletes on the LLY.

Regardless of the emissions stuff, the Banks is a really nice quiet system. There is a premium, but it is WAY quieter than the DE, and does not drone (which I have had with the DE, with and without the resonance chamber at the front of the system). I've had the Banks since 2005, and it is still in really good shape with just a little surface corrosion on the 404 stainless (as Banks says will happen).

The Banks is on my CCLB, the other is on an ECSB, the length of the systems may have an effect on the droning I had on the DE, not really sure about that....

Hope this helps.
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I had banks on my 01 when u got it and it was way too quiet for my liking.i will testify to that it is surprisingly quiet.
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I have the banks dual exhaust with the muffler. It's quiet to me. Still can hear the rumble and the droan is not bad at all while towing.
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