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I just yank a hose and catch what I can lol.
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Originally Posted by rg3whitelbz View Post
I like my big black concrete trough to cover the largest area and probably holds 7-8 gallons.

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Originally Posted by c20elephant View Post
Next coolant drain this is going in, Home Depot has some mortar mixing tubs 6" in height and 20"x28"..

X3. Just used one when I did the water pump. Catches 95% ....Just not the stuff that sneaks down the block/lines/skidplates/etc
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Originally Posted by Harbin_22 View Post
I just yank a hose and catch what I can lol.
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I got the one from Mfr. Used it during a coolant flush. The constant removing of the plug caused it to start leaking. I i installed a fumuto valve where the plug used to be. I might ad them to the sides of the block too but I haven't decided just yet.

Easy peasy draining now.

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