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Originally Posted by Burn Down View Post
Pretty sure Trent tuned it Tom iirc. Might ask Simon he would remember for sure.

Iím also pretty sure it was. It was his triple kit.
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Originally Posted by Burn Down View Post
Pretty sure Trent tuned it Tom iirc. Might ask Simon he would remember for sure.
Originally Posted by LBZ View Post
I’m also pretty sure it was. It was his triple kit.
Gracias mi amigos. I'll shoot Simon a PM.
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Originally Posted by TheBac View Post
Of all people, you're telling me this? I can still remember the complete disbelief on your face when you dyno'd my truck. Setup is key, Ive always said that. Guys who truly think things thru first always do better than expected.

Jesse, it is amazing. Obviously is the fastest stock engine truck we've seen. Just keep doing what you're doing b/c its working.

Cripes, Alex....if only you knew then what Jesse knows now, huh?
If only I knew I had a record setting engine in My garage

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Default Another truck into the 10's

Just got this sent to me from one of my guys. It's an LLy with a single S475 on it. It's Jonathan Parrish's LLy, ECSB with Allison and weights 6700lbs and I tuned it. I'm trying to get the slip to load but it's being a pain. Here is the video of it though! Thanks guys!

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