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Why do I keep doing this?

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^^^ yep
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Originally Posted by Novak View Post
Iíve been looking for anything similar to your truck from Chicago to Kentucky. Aside from wheels and tires is there anything that was specific to your truck? Like painted valve covers, powder coated parts etc
Iím at a training event so there is down time here.

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Not to overstep ya Corbin but I got a few things I remember since I drooled over it for a few months. Slight dent in the hood. Dent under the gas cap. Denali projector headlights. Top of the dash in the dip above the air bag is bubbled up and missing some of the coating. Dark tint all the way around.
Without a duramax... hopefully not for long.

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Originally Posted by clrussell View Post
Insurance is saying that because it was a presumed sale Iím 99% not going to get any help from them.
Lawyer up..don't take no for an answer, their #1 goal is to pay the least amount possible. And they are very go at thay
mispeeling wrods n a thraed nere u
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Fing insurance is as much thieves as the guy that gave you the fake check. I have had insurance screw me before...they "always" look for an out and for the customer to fold. Get a lawyer!
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Definitely get a lawyer, a very good one!

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If the law sees it as theft, I see no way the ins company can get out of paying??

Hate to see this happen to a good person
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Theft is Theft...........lawyer up, your vehicle was stolen.
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Received a call from the detective from the pd where I met the buyer. He’s very enthusiastic about working on the case. So I’m meeting him Monday afternoon.
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Such a bummer to hear... Hope you find it man
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Man that sucks. I learned this the hard way also. A cashiers check is still a check no more no less. Takes time to clear the bank and to verify. Any sale now is wire transfer or cash. Sucks man hope the insurance gets you right

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