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I'll let him know Steve
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Originally Posted by Yellow Jacket View Post
I would guarantee on a loaded Engine dyno, the Sigma pumped Firepunk Cummins would eat Baca's truck for breakfast.... They didn't lose 800-1000hp thru the drivetrain to the tires, it's hard to load that kind of build on a chassis dyno...
I agree, baca only made 48hp more than firepunk but made 600 lb/ft more twist. I just think if it were myself I would detorque the tune a bit and make drivetrain parts live on the track for at least one pass to back up numbers.
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Not sure what happened in our first pull. Came off the line a little soft then the truck kept having a dead pedal then it would come alive and die out again, finally came alive so he hit the big stages of spray but it was too late. We made some tweaks and went back in line to make our second pull. As he was maneuvering around, he put it in reverse to back up and only 1 set of wheels spun in the grass....We still managed 247ft in the first pull.

We managed to break and unbreakable 38 spline dually axle. We loaded up and went home.

8th place finish overall. Can't really complain about that considering the truck is still fully street legal.
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Originally Posted by Evan@LimitlessDiesel View Post
We had successful 3 days all things considered. We went with one goal and that was running a 9.5 and trying to trap 150 and anything after that was a bonus. The sled pull was going to be good one but wasn't meant to be due to the traction bar mount failure that turned expensive in a hurry. While we left a lot on the table in the dyno and sled pull events we couldn't be happier with how the event went. Wade did a great job and would of been up a place I'm sure if he didn't have transmission issues during the drag race. He was on some fast passes. It's crazy what a few of the shops are willing to go through to win or at least place. Replacing multiple engines and transmissions just to get through a event to me doesn't really prove much. On the 9.5 pass we got a flat tire from the tire spinning on the rim and ripping the valve stem of the tube out and a high pressure fuel line blew. The traction bar mount breaking and the carnage it cause ended any chance of a second of pull. Trans is still good though
That truck was hauling the mail! Idk anything about sled pulling but it's hard not to imagine that would have been a 300+ foot pull. That's a wicked truck and very well put together. Yall had your stuff together, showed up and kicked ass. It's a bummer on the bracket though!
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Thanks to Evan@Limitless, Mark@Danville Performance, Josh Harris@Top Notch, and Corbin(crussel)
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It was good to see quite a few Duramaxs in the top 10 and most were even street legal which I think is the coolest factor in the whole competition. Even had a Ford in there.

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