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Originally Posted by yellowchevy View Post
LLY, LBZ, 3794, and 4094 have the same exhaust housing and compressor housing; only different is the compressor and turbine size/diameter.

LLY, LBZ, & 3794 are GT37 frame - Same turbine size reducer, turbine side inducers for the LLY & 3794 are the same where as the LBZ is a little smaller. Compressor side reducer size is the same for all 3 of them where as the compressor inducer size is different. LBZ 61mm, LLY 63.5mm, 3794 65mm.

The 4094 is a GT40 frame - It has a 68mm compressor inducer.

Do you have a back pressure gauge? I'd be interested to see what your back pressure was.


No but id assume it gets up there because after you get enough speed and shut those vanes completely the truck will pull itself to a stop but i forgot to mention 1/4 times are 15.2 with slipping trans and dyno was 546 hp with max effort tune

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