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Originally Posted by GMC_2002_Dmax View Post
Just to clarify, I am not specifically accusing any individual of any wrong doing, I am simply stating that if you look at the TUNE FILE as a propriety file, it would be no different than if a manufacturer of a food product or software product did not take steps to secure/protect their recipe/code.

Theft happens everywhere, but as a matter of policy, I will not utilize a cloud based system, as I lose all control over my intellectual property once I upload it, and enough people in the industry are already known thieves and have been caught with Google Drives full of tune files from the major tuners.

So again, I choose not to be in a position where I have sent files to a cloud and then lost control of them.

In addition to those concerns, I do not tune FORDS, and the Cummins switchable tuning is not true CSP5 or CSP4 or CSP2, its a SOTF type fuel limiting file, which IMHO is not as beneficial as a true custom OS is from EFI-LIVE.

I am not slamming EZ-LYNK, but we get calls daily, and emails daily, people want to switch to my company and tuning and still use their EZ-LYNK............not going to be something I can offer them.

I started in 2005 with EFI-LIVE, and I am still loyal to them and happy with them 13 years later.

Any chance EZlynk changes their policies and allows the tuner to lock the file?
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As a consumer, the EZ Lync platform concerns me as well. With EFILive, once the controller is licensed, I can swap tunes all day with no internet. They could even go out of business. But the EZ Lync requires internet. What happens if they go out of business? Can I even restore my stock file? Probably not...

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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Any chance EZlynk changes their policies and allows the tuner to lock the file?

I highly doubt it, the process in which they link to vehicles and create the correct file for the target vehicle is why the file has to be a true binary and uploaded, it is also why the tune files will only link and self compile if you pay/use the tuncals file.

The Company is actually 3 parts, the hardware is EZ-LYNK, then you have to purchase tokens to link to a vehicle, which is essentially a VIN License more or less, then pay to use their FILES to self Link.

So its quite a bit of $$$$$$ to offer support for a single vehicle, as its got a different structure to get the tune to the consumer.

Again, its not a bash on them, just an explanation to the question asked.

But either way, I do not see myself offering Support thru EZ-Lynk

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I've looked at it a little also, the tuning platform has to have a internet connection and didn't like that part of it. The ease of working with the tables just is not there either like the EFILive stuff, there is a few calibrations we don't have in EFILive without a CAX file but EFILive also has a lot more available without custom mapping. So is it true that unless your with the innner circle jerk crowd you have less available calibrations I just figured you were on your own adding the tables you need . I still haven't seen the data log portion of it.
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What is done in the dark will always be brought to the light!
Thanks for the info fellas.
I don’t blame you one bit for staying far away from that powder keg
Can’t stand when I invest time training someone who works for me and teach them all my tricks just to have them go work for a competitor for more $$
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