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Default Head gasket Grade

currently doing a mild lmm engine build nothing big. just head studs,af cam and a few other bits. to make it safer to handle a bigger turbo in the future.

my question is tho, what grade head gaskets to use ? have heard different things from the biggest ones or just staying what grade is in the engine. i am going to be getting the heads decked.

so am i better going 1 grade bigger or staying the same grade any info is much appreciated
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I would measure when you get the rotating assembly in and mine was decked/touched up. I bought grade C's just cause then ended up putting in a B & A after measuring so now I have a set of C's laying around.

Edit: missed the part were your just getting the heads cleaned up not the block so you will likely just need what you had taken out but still measure the guy that assembled could have miss measured to.
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Just do grade Cs
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I almost ordered what was in mine but just ended up doing C’s.
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Originally Posted by Ne-max View Post
Just do grade Cs
Why do you say that instead of checking the clearance and getting the right ones?

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