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Default List of Best tuners for EFI live

I looked this up and I have found a list but the thread was really old and I'm not sure if they still do this and if there is better places to send in my ECM

So guys give me a few names of reputable tuners I can trust to send my ECM too for efi live

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It's all opinion. The bigger the tuner the worst the turn around time. I have used PPEI witch is awesome until you need actual custom tunes. Then he does not give a crap. I used Ridgerunner on my race truck witch he was very helpful on getting it dialed in but had some bad experiences with him on customers trucks. Recently I switch to ATP. Could not be more happy. Truck runs better then it ever has. Also Dustin has treated me well.
2006 ccsb Lbz Tow rig
2006 rclb 6.6
The fun stuff. Built motor, trans, triples
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Can't go wrong with mark@danville.
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I've ran korys, Danville, ridgerunner, Dan's diesel performance

Korys turn around time is gone way South, Danville is on Q imho, awesome custom tunes. Frican guy is a mind reader
2003 2500 hd cc/sb (leftovers) MPS 63.5 ihi, built trans, airdog 150, 30 overs..... Sold

New and improved! 2007 classis lbz LS ec/sb

Egr delete, pcv re-route, PIPED, airdog 4g 165,

Danville performance tunes.
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ATP, Danville, Ridge Runner can't go wrong those three
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Rob Coddens at ATPTrucks is the only tuner that has touched my truck...
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I have only had Rob Coddens tunes on my truck. You can't go wrong with Rob, Tony, or Mark

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2007 Chevy Classic CCSB LS 4x4 w/ LBZ & 6 Spd Ally
Graystone Metallic
295/70/17 Nitto Trail Grapplers on Chrome H2s w/ LMM Centers
Custom CamLocker Toolbox
Grizzly Nerf Bars
Pioneer 4100 Head Unit
JL Audio Components
Sportsman Max4 Seat Covers
MPI GT4202/Stock
HSP Coolant Tank
Tinted Windows
PCV Rerouted
EGR Blocker & Fingerstick
Nicktane 1 Micron Filter & Adapter
Banks Hot Side Intercooler Tube
ProFab Y-Bridge and 3" Cold Side Boost Tube
AutoMeter Phantom II Boost and EGT on A-Pillar
Hammerhead Armor Replacement Front Bumper
EFILive from IdahoRob
Fleece All On Mod

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Mark @ Danville Performance is top notch!!
Customer service is second to none and he actually cares. He's not just out there to make $$
1969 Chevy C10 Duramax Swap.
Race weight 4550lbs
Big Thanks Too
Danville Performance
Exergy Performance
Bullseye Performance
Wagler Competition
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I have used several tuners and by far Mark @ Danville is the absolute best
2017 l5p cc/sb ltz z71 (stormtrooper edition)

06 lbz ec/sb. stock motor, Danville 4094s2r, built trans by me, limitless 1078 converter, 60% sticks, S&S 12mm pump. dyno tuned by mark @ Danville. 775hp 1383ftlb

best so far. 11.59 @ 116.55 1.707 60ft

06 lbz rc/fb dually work truck. Danville tuned
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I may be wrong but if I had to guess I'd say someone else is doing the tuning at ATP. My last set of tunes are nothing special, smokey and full of codes, Sorry just my opinion.
If you have an LB7 or LML go to ridgerunner
If you have an LLY, LBZ, LMM go to Danville
Moonshine tunes, MikeL trans, Exergy Sportsman, 4/6 drop, LML 20's/420's
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Mark at Danville is the way to go.
07 LMM
Tuned by Danville Performance
Danville 72VGT
Exergy 45's
PPE dual fueler
AirDog 150
SSDP Trans, SC1058 converter
HSP Diesel manifolds/up pipes
HSP Diesel intercooler tubes/bridge
Mishimoto intercooler
Kryptonite/Rare parts front end
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Uhh, did anyone mention Mark@Danville??? Seriously Marks tuning is top notch and his customer service is second to none.
LMM CCSB LTZ Z71. SoCal motor, s485/68r, 1078 Limitless converter, S&S 200s.


Thanks to Evan@Limitless, Mark@Danville Performance, Josh Harris@Top Notch, and Corbin(crussel)
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Mark is an excellent tuner but the thing that has set him apart for me is his customer service. He always returns your call and always makes things right. I played the switch the tuner game for a few years but once I got set up with Mark I never had a reason to look elsewhere.
Roderiques ATV Built Motor, HSP Twins, NLX88/Danville72R,
S&S 200s, S&S 10mm & LBZ, Tuned by Danville Performance
Suncoast Competition trans and Goerend Converter
1125hp/1628lbft 10.52@132

Thanks to
Chris @ Roderiques ATV in Westport MA
Mark Broviak @ Danville
Joe and Dave @ HSPdiesel
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Mark @ danville

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Vgt swapped lb7, street block built by bobby at Mikes performance engine
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Originally Posted by OregonDMAX View Post
I may be wrong but if I had to guess I'd say someone else is doing the tuning at ATP. My last set of tunes are nothing special, smokey and full of codes, Sorry just my opinion.
If you have an LB7 or LML go to ridgerunner
If you have an LLY, LBZ, LMM go to Danville
Rob is still, as always, doing the tuning here.

Did you call in with your issues on the tuning?
CURRENT: 2017 GMC L5P Denali CC/LB Cognito 4-6" on 22s with 35s
Blackout :06 GMC lbz 4x4 Built motor, HSP twins, DDP Injectors, Self built trans 11.68@118.5 SOLD
OverBuilt :07 Chevy lbz 4x4 Caged and built to the hilt 10.42@134 SOLD
Special thanks to: Mike L, GTrippin, IdahoRob, SDP, ISSPRO, Yukon, Dmaxstore, Airdog, HSP, Hamilton Cams, and Flexalite

Adrenaline Truck Performance IDAHO ROB 208.685.1000
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