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Default My new computer lab

I started by office equipment/computer repair business back up again (RIVCO Tech Solutions) and made my shop (RIVCO Motorsports) part time. So for the past week or two I have been rebuilding my "lab" back to where it was in my old place. Its a tad smaller but at least its air conditioned lol. Its not completely up and running but getting there. Next project is going to be a small server rack soon in the back for playing with different things in special environments.

Figured I share a few pictures with you guys. My nerd side is showing again...

The pic of the stack of towers is my current work load. One bad drive that I'm running drive repair software on it (cheap drive) and the monster needs its RAID controller replaced and drives reconfigured. The baby HP Desktop is a new unit that I got for a customer, I am just configuring it for their network, increasing the RAM for the application they're running and changing the primary drive to an SSD, also adding a secondary platter (regular drive) to back up the SSD to just in case the windows installation is faulty. I am very picky on how I set up desktops/laptops for my customers... I miss this line of work.

The tower on the desk is my main lab pc and the tower under the tiny monitor is my dedicated tower for the hard disk repair software, both were actually purchased from my local RadioShack when it closed, it was one of three cash registers that I bought..cheap..lol Every piece of backup / recovery and anti-virus software is on it. When I do anti virus jobs I always run the customers drive as a secondary as virus won't try to start and hide if windows doesn't start, windows doesn't start if your drive is running as a secondary.

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