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Default OK, I installed the extension housing in the truck....

So please dont give me too much hell because I was told it would be fine and taking the trans out was a waste of time. Truck is a 2006 LBZ, bought as a project.

I recently replaced my U joints, and transfer case. Driveshaft was balanced at the same time. Here are my current codes: PO700, PO762, P2771.

Im worried because upon initial takeoff (Shift to D), the truck moves fine and then hits a "wall" HARD! And makes a violent noise. Almost everytime and after that it seems to drive fine until you take it out of drive again.

I would suspect U joints or rearend but im afraid it may have to do with my screwing with the extension housing? If so is it maybe salvageable?? Im more than willing to pull the tranny to save it.

Other than that the truck seems to drive normal enough, couldnt get it to shift into 6th gear the other day also...

I have yet to pull the pan to check for metal shavings but unless yall say otherwise, this is my next course of action.
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